Property Management in Boise, ID Embraces Recycling Programs

More multi-unit properties are beginning to incorporate community recycling programs. Nearly sixty percent of all renters say that recycling programs are an important part of living in residential apartment communities. In fact, twenty-five percent of residents say they would spend more money on monthly rental costs if their apartment communities offered modern recycling amenities.

To help capture this marketing segment, Boise property management companies work with landlords to institute recycling programs. Successful programs include three key features.

Waste Provider – Contact local waste providers to see if recycling programs can be implemented. Also, inquire about additional expenses and costs associated with implementing neighborhood or community recycling programs.

Convenience – Property management in Boise, ID understands that recycling should be straightforward and easy. Place recycling containers near trash areas, which makes it simple for tenants to sort through their rubbish. Attract more attention to recycling options by placing posters in common areas and near garbage or recycling facilities. Include a variety of posters that clearly state what can and cannot be recycled.

Education – One of the most effective ways to teach tenants about recycling is through education. During the move-in process, landlords and Boise property management companies can provide detailed information and statistics about how recycling helps the environment. Property management companies can also send tenants recycling reminders via email, newsletters, or social media sites.

Landlords should tap into this profitable community feature, which attracts broader tenant bases. Not only does recycling decrease costly garbage fees, but it also contributes to a better, more environmentally friendly future for tomorrow’s generations.


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