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Five Benefits of Using a Property Manager

Taking care of your rental property or properties can be a full-time job of its own. Whether you own one property or a dozen, there’s always something that demands your attention, from fixing leaky pipes to screening prospective tenants to collecting back rent. Employing a professional property management company like Advanced Asset Management can help lighten your load and keep your properties a financial investment instead of a time investment. Here are five ways we can help!


Finding tenants is generally the first step in any rental cycle. Whether you’re re-renting a property where existing tenants are leaving or are just opening up a home for the first time, a proper marketing strategy is needed to find the right renters. Advanced Asset Management uses a comprehensive advertising strategy that employs both traditional and modern methods to make sure that your open property can be found by apartment and home renters quickly, keeping your property occupied and limiting any downtime between rental cycles.

Property ManagementTenant Screening

While finding tenants is one part of the process, screening out potentially bad occupants is another. Our full-service tenant screening process includes running a credit report and calling on previous housing references whenever possible to help ensure that your new renters will be able to afford your rent and have a great track record of responsible renting. While this is no guarantee of success with a new occupant, our screening process helps give you peace of mind that your new renters will treat your property well during their tenancy.

Rent Collection and Reporting

At Advanced Asset Management, we also offer full rental collection and accounting services to all property owners. This includes taking care of collecting monthly rents and managing all expenses and costs, including utility or service fees that you may include in your tenants’ rent. In addition, our comprehensive reporting will give you a single resource at the end of the year for your tax-time accounting and filing needs, making your life all the more simple. Take the headache out of managing separate filings and deposits with our comprehensive management services.

Maintenance and Repairs

It doesn’t matter if your property is new or old – maintenance issues can happen to houses or apartments at any age. When a pipe bursts in the middle of the night or a door lock fails, do you want to manage those calls? With Advanced Asset Management, you won’t have to. Our 24/7 property maintenance services can handle calls any time of day or night and work to resolve any issue quickly and completely. Plus, combined with our rent collection and reporting, you’ll receive a report of any services performed during the month along with itemized receipts. We can also work with you and our partners to plan updating or remodeling work to help improve the value and appeal of your property.

Tenant Issues

Lastly, working with tenants can often lead to stresses when your personalities conflict, rent payments are late or you have disagreements about policies or procedures. Insulate yourself from these issues and let us take care of them instead. Our team has years of experience working with and resolving owner-tenant issues fairly and responsibly, and we can help ensure that your rental experience is hassle-free.

Whether you’re just starting out with property rentals or just need help managing all of your rentals, Advanced Asset Management’s team is ready to help you make the most of your rental. Contact us today and find out more about our full leasing and management service options!